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What Services You Can Expect From Rakayla?

Rakayla offers hair and scalp treatments with protective styling services. These services are placed in categories to better help you pick your desired look.

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Get To Know The Brand

The Stylists at BNB_ hairco have a decade of successful experience in cosmetology and hair care awareness. Our team specializes in hair care solutions that educate our clients about hair loss prevention, hair care regimens, and treatments. As a result of our passion to spread our knowledge, BNB_hairco Salon finds it incredibly motivating to help men and women gain their confidence back one strand at a time. Our successful hair restoration system provides a hair loss microscope assessment, protective hairstyling, medicated hair treatments, and temporary hair replacements.

First Time Guest

~ First Time Guest:

Consultations are required for all first-time guests for color, hair loss, chemical, & wigs services.

Same-day service is not possible. The service date will be selected after consultation.

Consultations will consist of Rakayla becoming acquainted with you and your hair history. Your hair and scalp will be analyzed for your basic understanding. Rakayla will identify your hair porosity, density, curl pattern, and more.

You will also learn what products and home regimes will work best to meet your desired hair goals. Click Here

Meet Rakayla

"My hair doesn’t define me, I define my hair.”
Rakayla has been in the beauty industry for 8 years and has successfully owned a salon for 3 years. She is a certified wig maker since 2018, and a hair loss prevention specialist by Nouritress.
She has participated and directed fashion shows, festivals, and parades in St. Louis, MO. Beyond the chair, she specializes in natural hair, extensions, silk press, and medicated treatments.
She is a visionary when it comes to creating the
total salon experience and organizing the daily salon.

Salon Hair Restoration System

BNB_hairco salon has teamed up with the number 1 perfect hair product company in Atlanta Georgia to during the best hair care solution for you. Nouritress hair care products have been proven to help remove scalp build-up, thicken and strengthen hair follicles, and support healthy hair growth. Click the link below to gain complete access to our salon hair restoration products.

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  • Products Are Availably

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" 5 years ago, I was a consistent client at a local beauty salon in St. Louis Missouri. I visited the salon so frequently because my hairstylist at the time recommended I do so. Every time I would visit the salon, she applied a relaxer to my hair before styling. I never questioned it because she recommend that I need it. 4 years had passed and I noticed my hair in the front was thinning. So, I brought it to her attention and once again she recommends the same regiment, "come in every three weeks and I will relax and style your hair. Finally, I had enough once I notice that the entire bang area had vanished. There is where my search began. Shortly after I was referred to BNB_hairco salon by a friend. When I took a look at her web page, I was so excited to see that she offers hair restoration services. I immediately started to stock her IG page. For 6 months I watched her post her work trying to work up the courage to step outside the embracing secret that I had been covering up with a silk scarf. My first visit to the salon stocked me, not only was the salon professionally set up but private enough for me to feel comfortable with removing my scarf. In her 30 min consultation, she educated me about what had happened to my hair and assured me of a plan of recovery. 8 months and 5 days later just as she assured me, I had a complete bang again."

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